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“Slow Education is sweeping through schools in England” Sunday Times March 15th 2015

Are you a teacher or head of a school who feels testing has gone too far? Do you wonder about life after levels? We within the Slow Education movement believe we are at a critical moment. There is a need to reclaim the importance of quality, creative teaching which enables students to think independently...

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Despite a huge investment in tests, initiatives, and political aspirations, the English education system fails to inspire confidence. Those of us who advocate slow education believe it is the actual process of schooling that matters – not the invention of more ways of inspecting and assessing, or more types of schools. These are all blunt instruments. Slow education is...

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Slow Education: Facts and Knowledge vs Deeper Learning by Mike Grenier

I don’t think the current debate about reforms to the National Curriculum and assessment has quite hit the nail on the head: while many complain that what the DfE are proposing is overambitious and impossible to have ready in time for first implementation, I would like to argue that what has been proposed is,...

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A Slow Education School Case Study: St Silas Primary School, Blackburn.

Slow Education Down Under: The Slow Education Movement at Blue Gum Community School. By Dr Stephen Smith

In a constantly changing world overwhelmingly dominated by technology and ever-increasing complexity, schooling systems continually face challenges as they seek to address such ‘big picture’ questions as what is the purpose of education, what it means to ‘educate’, how children learn (best), what children should learn which will prepare them for their futures and...

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The Misleading Concept of Standards. By Professor Maurice Holt

As we know,  OFSTED is the Office for Standards in Education: but what are the standards, and where do they come from?  What distinguished body of educators defined these standards, and what exactly are they? Answer comes there none. No trace of any statement that specifies Ofsted’s standards can be found in the literature. ...

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